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New Innovations

Basic Features

  • Made from honeycomb technology making it stronger than the competing products made of corrugation.
  • Treated with water resistant coating.
  • Its rigid, durable, and tested in varying conditions.
  • Three to eight times lighter than wood.
  • All our pallets are four way.
  • Available in standard and customized sizes.


  • Reduces import export compliance requirements.
  • Saves costs.
  • Eliminates product damage and reduces injury compensation.
  • Environment friendly – made from 100% recycle paper.

Customized Sizes

  • Why go for standard sizes when they don’t meet your requirements?

Branded Pallets

  • Additional assurance on the products shipped.
  • Reinforces your brand identity on the supply chain partners.
  • Reinforces your credibility.
  • Motivates and reinforces loyalty in your employees.

Crate Pallets

  • We will make suitable modifications to the pallets to make it easier for you to package and secure your products during shipments.

RFID Enabled

  • If you need we will add RFID tags to the pallets making it easy for you to manage your supply chain logistics.